the last tragic story

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The rain came crashing down like birds falling out of the sky
You Left as quickly as you arrived, a flash of light before my eye
elegantly you tip-toe past my defenses, a beautiful thief hoping over the fences
your prize sealed away after years of protection, But you wanted my heart to be in your collection
My body’s a cage, and my heart was a bird, there’s a lock on the gate but you knew the right word
you opened the door, and set me free, in a world so loud, didn’t know how to be
anything more than a bird without wings, broken and lost I cry when I sing
silently she slipped into the shadows without being seen, keeping routine she’s a programed machine
she had been caught in between the movie screen and a murder scene
a figurine, unseen, a beauty queen or a virus without a vaccine
She came and she left; a note taking her place, read and forgotten now taking up space
my ribs were a cage, but that damn bird got loose, now he gathers dust without any use

Copyright © 2012 Alex Moura

The Girl in the Photo

Art isn’t owned she’s a gift to the eyes
she’s not paper or plastic she bleeds and she cries
you’ll see her & know she’s not like the rest
like flowers in snow her existence is blessed
you’ll stop where you are and admire her pose
she’s perfection itself, but I doubt that she knows
what a wonderful smile; there should really be more
I stop for a while to show I adore
her eyes tell a story, of what I don’t know
but there blue as the skies, and so perfect they glow
I would say I’m amazed, but I can’t find the words
her looks are like music, the best that I’ve heard
oh what a cruel joke that I’ll never know you
you’re the girl in the photo, I wish that I knew

Copyright © 2012 Alex Moura

Dream For Tomorrow

Finding meaning in nonsense we are fish out of water
to the ceiling my eyes go to escape from the slaughter
day dreamer they call me, that’s what they all say
I’m just the idea we might find our way
that’s all that I am, a thought in your head
I live on in legends and stories you’ve read
cuz people will die, but words last forever
I’m no hero or profit, I’m not even that clever
what I am is a thought there are still better days
and the hope that today is all just a phase
trying to stop nightmares coming back from the dead
cuz the worlds been on fire inside of my head
A dreamer they call me, now that’s worth a laugh
if you think I am hopeful you only know half
every dreamers a realist their eyes cannot shut
they know the world’s bleeding, they see all the cuts
you think we’re all happy, it’s not what it seems
we hope things get better, that’s the reason we dream

Copyright © 2012 Alex Moura

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A deer caught in the headlights of your eyes
I’m a fish on a hook that gets caught and then dies
your touch is magnetic and my skin is steel
your voice is poetic, can’t deny your appeal
a crush when you came, then crushed when you’re gone
like the earth & the moon when arriving at dawn
there’s a weight crashing down though nothing is there
feels heavy at first, and then light as the air
a balloon on a string you hold me to keep
from drifting away every time that I sleep
every dream has a nightmare that keeps you awake
when I stare in your eyes I see no mistake
you’re my joy and my pain, like a flower on fire
you were always so vain, but still you inspire
I’d sing you a song, but you’d just tell me to hush
cuz I’m just some guy, and you were my crush

Copyright © 2012 Alex Moura

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They call me Freak, and i’m proud of it

Wasting the night screaming up at the stars
marking each day with scar after scar
no wishes or magic, bad luck from the start
ever since Angels tore out his heart
why did he bother to blow out the candles
when life only gives him things he can’t handle
Drowning in light, he’s blinded by air
likes tattoo’s & piercings, he curses and swears
& headphones on blast to drown out the voices
pain in his heart and regret for his choices
people spread rumors and call him a freak
hated by all but his pain is unique
He’s a lover of life & takes pain with a smile
true to himself in a world of denial
The haters will hate, and they all laugh out loud
but he could care less because he is to proud
he has love in his heart and when you see him you’ll know
so please take the time to just say hello

Copyright © 2012 Alex Moura